Building a community of faith through God's faithfulness in North Minneapolis

Fall 2016 Adult Sunday School Classes

1st Corinthians, taught by Dr. Peter Fehr

It is called a “rich storehouse of Paul’s theology and a thoroughgoing application of the gospel to a litany of real life situations, such as the wisdom of the cross and church leadership as well as the perils of social problems facing the church then and now.” Join us as we study these words together.  Meeting in the upstairs Elevator room (Fall and Spring semesters)

Lessons for Today from Christ-followers of the Pasttaught by Jen Woyke

Why are biographies so popular?  There are books, tv shows, even whole cable channels devoted to learning more about peoples lives…for gossip..for intrigue?  Christian biography is so much more than that—you only need to read a few pages of Scripture to clearly see that God wants us to learn from the lives of people who have followed Him.  He calls us to apply wisdom from their lives to our own.  Join us as we explore the lives of saints who have much to teach us today.  Meeting in the Fellowship Hall (Fall semester)

Coming in the Spring– Can I Ask That?, taught by Pastor Aaron Brockmeier & Korey Peterson