Building a community of faith through God's faithfulness in North Minneapolis

Pray Together Sunday 2017

Last Sunday we joined with other church to pray together for one another and our communities. Here are the specific requests for prayer that I received before Sunday. Would you take time to pray for these requests?

The 810 Project (a community house of worship, prayer, and discipleship)—810 30th Ave; Tim Daniels—Director

Our prayer continually is that the Gospel would go forth in faith and power to bring healing and peace to our neighbors.  pray the kids would be impacted by the gospel message and weekly programming.  Pray for favor with our weekly outreaches to lead us to good soil.

On another note: I just sat on the porch for an hour with my neighbor waiting on police.  She was being beaten by her husband who is addicted to crack.  I want the Gospel to mean something to her.  I want her body to heal.  I want to provide her with safe housing.  I want to provide her with all the help she needs so she can provide stability for her 2 boys.

So…in addition, if you know of anyone who has housing for rent please let me know!  She needs a new place to keep herself and children safe (2-3 bedroom for under $1k/mo), which would be a miracle.

-Tim Daniels

Beacon of Hope Church – 2827 Newton Ave. N

Pastor Terrell and Marquita Walter

Prayer for what connection are we to make with the our community in this next season. We could use prayer for our churches to become more important connected through partnership and relationship with the community without compromise. Also, against hardness of hearts in church and community, and for stronger faith in Christ.


Connected Kids Initiative —Mobilizing Faith Communities in MN across the spectrum of child welfare. Lisa Welter — Executive Director

I would deeply appreciate your prayers and am so thankful you asked! I do have specific requests that I have been praying for and would love others to join in.

  1. CKI is a movement of the local church to engage in child welfare.  I am specifically asking the Lord for many open pastoral hearts to consider a new local missions model and open doors to effectively engage pastors.  We want to build a sense of unity and working together (pastors and congregations) for the common good to bring transformation and hope to our zip codes.
  2. CKI needs funding to further develop the online platform to create simple pathways for congregations to get involved in child welfare.  This is a one of a kind platform that will support all of the child welfare agencies across the state of MN to benefit while the church recruits for homes and pathways for independent living.
  3. We are declaring victory in Christ for the local church to take back ground that has been lost. Boldly praying Minnesota’s vulnerable children and orphans will find hope and have loving, nurturing Christ centered homes to support them through challenging seasons that ultimately gives them access to the Gospel.
  4. The Gospel expands to the agencies and child welfare experts (government, non-profit, etc)—hearts turning to Christ because of the faith seen in action by the local church’s efforts. Pray for MN child welfare agencies to be provided with a hopeful new reality instead of the burden and isolation this work can cause. 
  5. I specifically pray for the Class Action Lawsuit against MN DHS and Hennepin County–a peaceful and quick resolve.
  6. CKI Advisory team efforts influencing system change to bring about better processes for both kids and families. 
  7. God’s hand of provision and lavish favor on all of the efforts and groups mentioned above and protection.  Asking God to raise up families and people to open their homes.

-Lisa Welter

Corner Church—A NoMi Church Plant

Pastor Justin Mederich

  1. Back pain. Can be pretty debilitating when it hits. Runs down into my legs. 
  2. For church finances
  3. For permit process for coffee shop
  4. For vision casting this fall that we raise disciples who are intentional about discipleship

-Pastor Justin

Cru Inner City—Throughout the Twin Cities

Eric Price—Local Representative

You can pray that: 

  1. Leah and I will seek the Lord in all we do. 
  2. We will have wisdom for parenting and that God would save our children
  3. God would lead our refugee friends to read the Bible and seek Jesus
  4. Refreshing time at staff training and good travel
  5. 5 churches in Minneapolis who have asked for discipleship training: That God would me and Abid (co-worker) as we do training mid-August and people would catch a vision and hunger for leading others to Christ

-Eric Price

FreedomWorks—3559 Penn Ave N

George Lang—Director

  1. Pray that God bring forth opportunities for us to get into jails and prisons to share the vision and mission of Freedom works.
  2. Pray for the men that are in the program.
  3. Pray for more applicants with the desire to grow in their relationship with Christ.
  4. Protection for the ministry residence volunteers and staff.
  5. And of course our relationship with Faith Baptist to continue to grow. Thank you Lord.

-George Lang

Hope Lutheran Church—5200 Emerson Ave. N.

Sr. Pastor Brian Ricke; Executive Pastor Ben Sollie

A couple ways you can pray. One is for our VBS (Summer Splash- August 10-14)  and Block Party (August 24) that we have coming up next month.  Both events are very evangelistic in nature. Pray for as we prepare and equip our leaders and volunteers  for these events, and pray that many will respond to the Gospel message as it is shared. 

Also pray that we as leaders would not get in the way of what God wants to do in and through us as His church. 

-Pastor Ben

Iglesia Casa De Abundancia—3954 Thomas Ave N.

Pastor Andy Diaz

Blessing in the name of the Lord Pastor.  Brother please pray for my family and also for “Church Unity”

Thanks Pastor and blessings

Pastor Andy & Linda Diaz

M.A.R.C.H. Mobilizing and Releasing Caring Hearts in NoMi

Melanie March Leehy—Director

Pray for Northside churches; location to store office equipment while we wait for a new location; favor & provision to promote & expand Community Renewal in both North Mpls & Falcon Heights; lastly which I’m working on this weekend Rest & Refreshing after an intensely grueling schedule this past year. Grace & Peace to you, your family, & Faith Baptist.


North Side Pregnancy Options—4367 Thomas Ave N

Naomi Terlouw—Director

Some specific requests for us at North Side would be to continue to cover this merger with Abria in prayer – specifically in the transition stages as we make changes and adjustments to programming and staff roles. Also, prayer over God’s new location for us – that he would clearly reveal where he wants us to be and that we would not lose any clients in the move but only continue to grow and expand our reach. Finally, continued prayer for unity and support among the staff, board, donors, and organizational leadership as we become one organization moving forward together.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer! We are so blessed to partner with you in this way.


SALT (Somali Adult Literacy Training)—Jordan neighborhood

Sherri Williams, Bruce & Caroline Pinke, Mike Neterer—Director

  1. Insight and wisdom
  2. Volunteers and contributions
  3. Continuous and contagious hope that thousands of Somalis in the Twin cities will passionately follow Christ as Messiah
  4. Creativity in envisioning and building new bridges
  5. Can you pray for Bruce and Carolyn Pinke?


Sanctuary Church—1201 37th Ave. N

Pastor Dennis Edwards


  • For the construction phase of our new home on 718 Broadway and office space at 710 Broadway.
  • For our pastors as they are working satellite and without a staff office.
  • For a 100% congregational participation in our Capital Campaign.
  • For hearts to be rich in generosity.  To overflow within the body and beyond the walls of Sanctuary.
  • For Phase 2: Pray for funds, wisdom in connecting with those we should link arms with and movement forward in accomplishing our goal.
  • For a deeper connection and intimacy within the body that will equip us to be more effective in our families, workplaces, and communities.


United Christian Fellowship Chuch—4300 Queen Ave. N.

Pastor Charles Goah

Pray for me for God’s complete and total divine healing. Currently, I am doing both radiation and additional chemo. God is in control and all things are by His will. Just keep me in prayer for my health, as you have done – and thank you!!! . I am still preaching and travelling – when I need to; the LORD is giving me the strength.

Pray for UCFC in the following ways:

  1. First, Praise and Thanksgiving:  we are thankful to God for a successful summer Children camp, in Pillager, MN
  2. Thanking God for successful outreach through our Evangelism Ministry at local Cub Foods store this summer;
  3. Thanking God that our Relocation 12/36 financial goal for 2017 is on target!
  4. Asking for more participation and support of our members for upcoming: a) Ushers retreat;  b) Women’s sports day; c) Marriage Ministry retreat. That these events will be more than just events, but strong ministry points for those involved.


Thank you.

Pastor Charles Goah